Ford Kuga SUV vs. 2012 Ford Ecosport SUV
Ford has introduced the new Ecosport in the market of Brazil and then in the market of Asia and it is the first world SBO compact SUV.

A design that is equivalent to this one has been made by the European counterpart of the brand and it is known as the Ford Kuga.

Both of these cars are sports utility vehicles that have a good potency of speed and a lot of versatility when it comes to utility.

The safety of both cars is class leading with the best technologies. The Ford Kuga is very comfortable and inclined mostly on the technology while the Ecosprt is cheaper option and easier to buy SUV. This version of the design is not available in markets like Asia, North America or Europe. This model is cheaper and found abundantly in the Brazilian market. Kuga is reported to have a bad hit as customers are looking for a cheaper option. both these cars are equally selling in the Chinese market.