The first thing that comes to one’s mind while hearing this name is the comfortable driving experience. Just be inside the car and fire it up. You can feel the omens good. There will not be any signs of a turbo-lag too.

The Abarth had added a turbocharger to increase the output of 1.4 litre engine from 100 bhp to 135 bhp. It can simply outrun the Mini cooper. The sports button adds weight to the steering. It helps in increasing the torque of the engine for a sporty driving. A light which illuminates to make gearshift nodes for optimum performance is an additional feature.

The unit used in Grant Punto is used in the car. As per Paulo Ollino, the technical director at Abarth, the present power is well enough for the segment of cars. It can even raise the power to 160 bhp, if fitted properly. An SS Kit will be available which include many other modifications like ceramic brakes.