Ferrari’s 4 seater ‘612 Scaglietti’ is one of the most expensive car and the 1st to possess a carcass and body made of aluminium. Body made of aluminium reduces the car’s weight by an about forty percent.

The design of ‘612 Scaglietti’ is done by an Italian house ‘Pininfarina’. The engine of the car is fixed completely behind the ‘front axle’ & the ‘transmission’ is at the rear portion of the car for ‘optimum weight distribution’, allowing ‘superior handling’.

With 540 Horse power, it enables the ‘612 Scaglietti’ to get to 62 mph in just 4.2 seconds with the latest 6 speed ‘manual transmission’. 199mph is the top speed of ‘612 Scaglietti’
The styling of the car is inspired by a classic Ferrari, the 375 MM. totally, the design, the look, the power of Ferrari ‘612 Scaglietti’ makes it one of the best designed car of 2008.