Ferrari has introduced its new reigning car of 2007 ‘599 GTB Fiorano’. On the highway, the ‘599 GTB Fiorano’ is infused by a pleasing tautness. It begins with the ‘seat’, which is genuinely sculpted, firmly ‘padded’ & rightly lined up with the ‘pedals’ and ‘fat-rimmed steering wheel’.

The transmission handles the clutch more confidently in manoeuvring as compared to the other F1 types, although just as smoothly; the brakes and throttle have good feel and weight. Ferrari witness a standard for the ‘599 GTB Fiorano’. It looks, sounds almost fantastic to place the performance, handling of an actual, ‘mid-engined supercar’ as an objective for a ‘front-engined Grand Tourer’.

‘599 GTB Fiorano’ reaches 30mph in 1.5seconds, it takes nearly 3.5seconds to reach 60 & 100 is reached with an inspiring 7.4seconds. With its exceptional engine design ‘599 GTB Fiorano’ makes it to the top spot in the new generation of cars.