Planning to buy a used auto? Well, here are some tips to keep in mind before deciding on a 2nd hand vehicle. Firstly, inspect the car visually. Check the tire condition, fluid level, and bodywork and try to find out the potential problems like rust, damages or oil leak.

It’s a must to take the car for a test drive. The road test enables you to verify its essential components such as accelerator, brakes, etc. Switch the radio off while driving so that you can check any abnormal sounds from the car like scraping, whining or clunks. In case of any such sound it’s better to shift. Always get a reputed professional mechanic while investigating the car who will easily pick out the potential problems which are otherwise unknown or confusing to a lay man.

Make a point to get the CARFAX report of the selected car. It offers a vivid description on the car’s history including its past owners, previous mileage, recalls, service records, accidents and more.