Electric Car
Electric powered cars run with the help of environment-friendly variant that electricity is. Had it not been so, lightning would not be a natural occurrence. In fact, the whole world is about non-unified ions and electrical charges. Electric powered vehicles may use series motors for generating speed in the vicinity of 55 mph. this is high and handsome when you think they are rated at 40 HP peak.

Series motors allow for clutch-lees vehicles and accelerates beautifully owing to Zero RPM, and over-the-ceiling torque in the primary stages of acceleration. Series motors come along with adapter plates, shaft couplers and contactors. Together they make the mean machines even meaner.

Gas prices have shot up alarmingly. This has probably led to the shifting trends of making low-segment cars. Electric powered cars are an answer to the fuel economy measures. As it is, gasoline is highly detrimental to the environment.