jeep modification
The thrill that one derives by driving around in a jeep is second to none and more so if the jeep is custom built or has been modified according to your tastes and desires making it look macho and a hunk like you yourself. Jeeps although have primarily been used in navigation through rough terrains are equally effective o the city roads where one at times needs to muscle their way through. SUV’s cost a lot of money and are thus not affordable all the times but a jeep can be modified making it resemble as close to a Hummer or Range Rover making you the “king of the roads”.

The most common addition to jeeps is the extra strong suspension making the car gain some height plus the sight of the heightened suspension can create a different aura. This 4×4 drive is an awesome feeling and if added with strong halogen lamps on the top with a booming music system, the modified jeep becomes an instant object of envy for all car lovers. One can also go for a new paint job especially giving it a military look thus demanding respect from everybody while on the street.