Disadvantages of seaport cranes, seaport cranesMechanized cranes were a breakthrough for holding up heavy loads in construction. But cranes are used in seaports as well where there are ships to load and unload. As heavy goods and machines are transported via ships, cranes are an important part of the port functions. But cranes have many disadvantages compared to their advantages. The sea ports are poorly maintained and there is extensive work every day with ships coming and going. The machine’s capacity is often overloaded and this is a sure cause of accidents. Mismanagement at the port amidst so many people working at a time is unavoidable and this leads to unnoticed dumping of loads at places, often on people’s head. Unskilled workers may feel the thrill to get behind the steering and this might cause delirium of accidents. Since ports are crowded and confusing, such incidents are not impossible to occur. Poor maintenance and repair is another disadvantage of seaport cranes.