Car, Auto, DC Gaia,DC Gaia comes with hand-beaten body panels, a mix of traditional and modern exterior design, and a luxurious and classy cabin. It clearly shows the expertise of the design company behind it. DC designs are specialized in building concept cars, prototypes etc.

The main features of this car can be summarized as this: A transverse-mounted Garret GT28-Turboladers 1.5 liter 4-cylinder engine capable of producing 276 bhp, and running at a top speed of 150 mph.

The design is strange yet interesting. It resembles a truck in its width. An extended hood with large arches is another specialty. The large doors fitted and the generous wind shield makes its more traditional. It provides maximum sideline visibility too compared to other cars. Large bespoke 22-inch all-alloy wheels with a machined finish are really stunning. It has a wheel base of 116 inches also.

Over all, DC Gaia seems to be an excellent quality road vehicle, with its muscular looks and a very impressive engine.