Counterfeit auto parts have become a pandemic. Top of the line car manufacturers lose nearly a billion dollar annually owing to the counterfeits being pushed into the market. Government officials have alighted to the task albeit a trifle late. Already, counterfeit parts worth many billion have traded hands ad entered unsuspecting countries.

The consumer might not know that the car break he trusts might be a counterfeit and fail to hold him in desperate times. There are bearings, valves, oxygen sensors, antifreeze, camshafts and a lot more. As a buyer, you must at least make a visual inspection. Sometimes, even this is not enough but then it is the least you can do.

So next time you find dyed oil in your transmission fluid or sawdust in your brake pad, remember of this caveat article and get a little prudent. Installation blues and real price differences are a couple of clues that might lead you to track a counterfeit auto part.