Chevrolet Traverse SUV Car ReviewChevrolet has come up with a giant of an SUV. Its Traverse 2010 fills all pores in better style than other cars of its size. With a seating capacity for 8, and enormous cargo space, it ensures relaxed travel. It conforms to safety norms best with six standard airbags. The automatic crash response safeguards it in case of an abrupt accident. Moreover, it automatically connects through GPS, if you feel lost.

Chevrolet Traverse does not lag in entertainment value too. With in-built Bluetooth and MP3 player, children especially relish the trip. It is huge in volume and wheel alloy space and torque is generous.

It has a fuel efficiency of 24 MPG, an astonishing number considering its size. With a plush outlook and comfortable seats, this car gives the best warranty coverage in America. It is a revolutionary crossover car that is set to rule the other SUVs for some time.