Chevrolet Corvette C7-V8 Sports Car ReviewChevrolet has always been a real maker of the strong and powerful sports cars which are also real pieces of beauty. One of Chevrolet’s best versions of the V8 sports car is the powerful C7 Model. This particular model, it is believed, although will be smaller, it will sport a lot of other features which the powerful V8 has. The car will have a smaller body, lesser weight and a slicker look.

It will be complete with the 5.5L small block V8, the new gift from General Motors. There will be other advancements like the new combustion system and a direct injection system. The engine will not have however too much advancement, so that the cost of the car is kept desirable.

It is expected to sport a power of 440 HP.  It will have a lighter body as it uses a number of composites which weigh less like aluminum and magnesium. This means the fuel economy will be quite desirable. This car is definitely the one to rule the roads ahead.