Over the last decade and the current one the consumerism revolution has forced the manufacturers to have a serous thought to car safety. New generation technologies like air bags, anti lock brakes and stability management car systems are now a standard feature against what used to be a luxurious choice. Like every new technology, they were introduced to the higher end of the spectrum which then gradually trickled down the pyramid to cover all segments.

What is that makes your car safe?

There are basically two types of car safety systems. The first are referred to as the active safety systems. The devices in the active safety systems are designed to keep the occupants of the car out to trouble and avoid accidents. Anti lock brakes, stability management and traction control are part of this group.

The second set of systems is referred to as the passive safety systems. They execute their part of the role if the car meets with an accident. Air bags, anti crash designs, crumple zones and seat belts form the passive safety system group.

The root of safety also lies in the car design and structure. High grade tough steel helps in reducing the impact of collision in an accident. A smart and safe design will distribute the force of the impact around the car rather than introducing it into the passenger compartment.

But, even a safe car is useless if it’s driven unsafe drivers. Reckless driving has been the main cause of accidents all over the world. An alert driver only can make the safety systems count for themselves.