Manufactured by general motors company based in the United States, it’s a convertible which has a retractable roof top. Its production started in the 2004 and is still going on. The convertible is assembled in bowling green, Kentucky. It’s placed in the luxury roadster class with a two door body style. The Cadillac XLR-V has a FR layout with a y-body platform.

The car has 4.6 l Northstar V8 or a 4.4 l northstar SC V8 engine capacity. General motors have put a 6-speed automatic transmission on the car. The vehicle comes with wooden trim. The car seats are cooled or heated and the navigation system is. Also standard with the car is remote access capability, additional side airbags and a DVD player. The material that is used to manufacture the rooftop is made of aluminum which is light in weight.

The Cadillac XLR-V has dimensions of length 177.7 in (4514mm), width 72.3 in (1836mm) and a height of 50.4 in (1280mm).The car was nominated for the 2004 car of the year in North America.