The latest Cadillac Escalade [third generation] is the most luxurious and modern versions so far. A firm, a coil spring front suspension, which provides smooth ride than the other ones and fully boxed frame and handling, is more predictable and controlled. Also the rack and pinion steering feature makes it simpler to handle in tight spaces. Though the curb weight is over 5,700 pounds, it’s still a make bigger to call the Escalade nimble.

It is not a widen to call it fast, however, as its all aluminum 6.2 liter V8 provides 403 horsepower sped and 415 pound feet of torque offering quick acceleration in almost any condition. It has 6-speed automatic transmission controls the gear changes and provides a manual shift method for the drivers who are willing to push the couple of buttons on the Escalade’s traditional column shifter. The transmission provides power to the back wheels on 2-wheel-drive versions or all 4 on all wheel drive versions.