Unapologetically American and Powerful, the Cadillac Escalade ESV is the ‘Big Kahuna’ of the Escalade comfort SUV ancestors. The whole thing about it is gigantic, from its comprehensive wheelbase to the V8 engine and the Bose audio sound system.

The Escalade ESV was introduced in the year 2003 as a alternative of the usual Escalade, the Escalade ESV widens the Escalade’s appeal by providing the complete maximum cargo space and passenger room. The second generation of the Escalade ESV is now available in the automobile market. The size is same as the first generation of Escalade but the features are more improved maneuverability, more powerful engine, larger size and considerably upgraded interiors.

For both generations, the Escalade big SUVs appeal lies in its luxurious and large interiors and bold attitude. No wonder athletes, moguls and celebs are attracted by the sedan called Cadillac Escalade ESV. The Escalade ESV is available in single trim level; the comfort SUV pampers some of the vehicles can. It is plush and vast.