BMW X3 SUV Car ReviewWinner of best new sports utility vehicle of the year 2005 BMW X3 is promoted by the German automobile maker as the SAV or Sports Activity Vehicle. This sophisticated and luxurious SUV is popular because of its amazing looks, solid built, exceptional performance and high seating for more comfort.

A confident choice for any homemaker with its xdrive functionality that protects you from slippages by redirecting the power to wheel with maximum traction is known for its high performance because of a six cylinder engine. A beautiful vehicle designed for all wheel drive the new BMW X3 series have upgraded the materials used for the car interiors to give it a fresh look. Also furthering its hold in SUV segment is the fact that new models come with more powerful engine capacity of up to 260 horse power making you experience a smooth drive. With new braking enhancements and traction control system one can react promptly to any emergencies.

With priced at $30000 for a basic model with vinyl upholstery and lacking cruise control some critics feel that this vehicle is over priced.