Best 8 passengers SUV Cars in 2012SUVs came into being in the 90’s. Today many people own SUVs and they are preferred due to their durable and sturdy performance and their power. The Ford Expedition EL is the largest SUV launched by Ford. It has an 8 passenger seating arrangement and there is enough leg space for everybody. Being technologically identical to the older but smaller Expedition, this Expedition EL surely lives up to people’s expectations.

Like other Ford Expeditions, the EL also has a rear suspension system. The powerful 5.8 V8 engine is worth a mention as well. The towing capacity of this powerful beast is 9000lbs which is far better than any other Expeditions launched by Ford. Automated AC powered systems with automatic slide windows and full comfort is what people are impressed with as well. The exterior and the interior of this car are magnificent and sleek yet powerful at the same time.