The Bentley Arnage is a large luxurious car that was specifically introduced by the Bentely Motors, who are based in England. Its interior look like a self contained apartment almost like that of the Limo. The Bentley Arnage model was introduced during the spring season of the year 1998. The vehicle is relaible with a perftect withstanding make of an engine. The Arnage Bentley is more than five meters long and 1.9 meters in width.

The latest and newest arnage is now featured by a powerful V8 engine that has a 6.75 liter capacity. It has four exterior doors hence a five passenger vehicle. It is a car that has an incredible milage allowing you to take long trip vacations to which ever part of the world. The Bentely Arnage is one exotic make of a car, good at inspiring one to drive. Before its construction and design, a number of car engines were tested then an overall idea was formulated for the design.