Audi A3 Sporkback is one of the most popular cars that are available in the market today. Manufactured by the automobile giant Audi, it can come a long way and has become one of the sought after cars. The Sporkback version is known for its high performance, fuel efficiency and mileage.

The Audi A3 Sporkback is available in three models namely 8P1, 8P and 8PA. The models have different features and style and the price is based accordingly. In the year 2004, the A3 Sportback version was introduced in the market. It consists of five doors and is around 3 inches longer than the ones with three doors.

There are also some other features which make the Audi A3 Sporkback a touch above the rest. There is an additional cabin space in the rear potion as well as a bigger luggage area which has a quantity of around 370 liters. There is also an improvised single frame front grille for better strength and safety.