solar carsWe all know that petrol and diesel are non renewable sources of energy and at the rate at which they are being consumed you can be quite sure that after a while these will get over.

That is why most people are considering alternative sources of power, sources which are renewable. One such alternative source of power is the solar power. Solar cells are used to produce electricity by converting sunlight.

This process uses the photovoltaic effect.

Cars powered by solar energy use this process to run.

These solar cells do not directly provide energy to the car’s motor. Instead it powers the car’s battery. This battery once charged runs the car.

Although these cars have still not hit the mainstream market and are restricted to the niche consumers, they are gradually rising in popularity. In fact many car freaks have invested in solar cars. There is a growing passion for solar cars.

These days there has even evolved out of this passion a new sport called solar car racing. You must however keep in mind that these cars need to be charged in full daylight.