Car, Auto, AmeroidAmberoid is a new luxury car with stunning looks. It was designed by the ace designer Dilip Chhabria and all set to set twisters in the market. It looks like a modified ambassador which conveys an Indian look to it. But if anybody had a different opinion about the design of ambassador, they may get stunned by the looks of the new Amberoid.

The Amberoid will cost around US $1 million. If you hear that a total of 50,000 man hours were spent into the making of this car, you will realize the importance of it. Most modern technology like the digital mapping is incorporated in it. An automated instrumental panel, 3 LCD cameras, video conferencing etc add to the majestic look of the vehicle.

It can be called an intelligent and retro- futuristic car and is made especially to unique people. So anyone dream of owning it, prepare to be unique!