Are you bored with the way everyone’s car looks the same on the street. Have you bought a new car or want to re-design your car to give it a sportier feel and look? Then here are some tips that would help you make the transition, easy and cheap-

1) Give your car a fresh paint. Go for bright colors as sports cars never have a dull look.
2) Order and purchase rims for your car. This will give your car the edge and look it need.
3) Lift the front end of your car. These not only protect your car from dirt but give the shape of a sports car.
4) Dim the lights. Get what is known as sun-glasses for your car.
5) Get the windows of your car tinted. The color of the tint should compliment that of your car. These tints prevent others from looking in your car along with giving it a sporty look.