The environment, especially climatic changes in a major concern and in a bid to contribute towards making the environment greener Volvo has launched their brand new B5L Hybrid. This new generation Eco-friendly double deck buses made a memorable debut recently and it is an important step to reduce the consumption of fuel and thereby decrease the carbon dioxide emission.

Hybrid technology combining energy from two different sources of power has been in existence for a pretty long time but this is the very first time that it has been made viable commercially. Six Volvo B5L Hybrid buses have just entered the service on London’s Route 141 and the historic occasion was formally marked.

The test track evidences have proved that these buses will save 30% fuel consumption and reduce emission of CO2 and will also reduce Nitrous Oxide and other harmful particulates. Exhaust emission will be reduced by 50% and noise level too, will be lowered. The launch of Volvo B5L Hybrid buses is a generation shift and is here to stay.